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Mixed colour off cuts

Good quality but disappointed that the colour range was mainly browns and blacks.


thanks for quick shipment, and sending so many different pretty colours!

Loved it

Just what I asked for

Nice product BUT....

I ordered a mixed bag with a bias towards blue leather if possible, it was the start on a nightmare as far as shipping went. Shipped via Sendle but delivered by Couriers Please, my package was addressed wrongly. Not just the address (that didn't exist) but to a totally different person. The nightmare continued with no direct phone communications with a human at both the shipping companies. After almost 5 hours I finally arranged with Sendle that I can pick up from the depot, however CP told me no, it WOULD be delivered. 3 days later I was still waiting. After another 3 hours on line an email came in to say the package could NOT be delivered and was sent back to the sender. The response to this saga gleaned little response from Karmine staff and I needed to follow up a few times, not just with emails but also phone calls. However, once I explained it was being returned, Karmine sent a replacement package via Express Aust Post and it was there the following day. BTW, the blue leather is just what I had hoped for but the stress was not. I hope that Karmine offer Aust. Post as an option in the future

Great for bookbinding book spines

Really generous offcuts suitable for covering new book spines, repairing old book spines and for craft leather cover sections.


This is my second purchase from Karmine. Again, I am very pleased with the generous size and finish of the 2nd quality hides. Highly recommended.

Unexpected beauty

This green is really nice, I hoped it wouldn’t be garish. Fine, soft and will make a beautiful book cover as a gift.

Lovely leather

Very happy with this purchase, this is not my first order and I will be buying more. The hide is very large with plenty of usable space, there are a few deep scratch marks to the middle, but for the price this was very good value as a second. Thanks again Karmine.

Leather scissors

These scissors are awesome. Easy to use and very sharp. Cut the leather effortlessly, so great on the hands. They make my work so much easier. I highly recommend these for anyone working with leather.... Chris S.

Quality & on trend

The Karmine Leather Hobo Bag was indeed a surprise! Beautiful quality leather but very light weight & comfortable to wear on the shoulder. While it doesn’t look very big, I was amazed at how much can be fitted inside….. Usual handbag stuff such as purse, toiletries, glasses, phone & tech PLUS a pashmina and cardigan with space to spare. The shape is stylish and ergonomic, looking & feeling good regardless of how little/much you have inside.

The magnetic closure & bag shape keeps the internal items secure. No time lost in opening zippers & breaking finger nails. Another great feature is the Hobo Bag is so well shaped on the base that it will stand up on its own. No spewing contents or spreading on the floor when placed down.
I bought the whisky colour … Gorgeous!

Small detail …. My preference would be for it to have at least one more side pouch on the interior.

Mixed colours Off Cuts

Brilliant. The colours are exactly what I am after. The leather itself, great quality. The sizes of the off cuts were quiet large, this pleasently surprised me. I will certainly be a return customer. The service, from order to my door, very quick. Thankyou.

Dear Karmine Leather, As a young inspired designer and a year 12 student undertaking my Design...

Dear Karmine Leather,

As a young inspired designer and a year 12 student undertaking my Design and Technology Major Work, I am currently conducting research into vegan leather alternatives and would greatly appreciate it if you could take a couple of minutes to answer the following questions for my research task.

I understand that Karmine leather uses South Australian free roaming kangaroos which are a by-product of the kangaroo meat industry. This sustainable practice (using by product of meat processing) ensures ethically sourced (free roaming animals) kangaroos are used to create the leather. Kangaroo leather is a strong leather therefore durable and is lightweight, making it a comfortable, wearable material. It is water, stain and heat resistant.

1. I'm wondering how is kangaroo leather different from other types of leather? How does it differ from polyurethane faux leather and plant based vegan leather?

Karmine leather is proud of its ethical and sustainable practices. It is wonderful to see that you are selecting Australian kangaroos used in the meat industry.

2. Would you please describe your manufacturing process?

3.. Have you found a gap in the market in terms of cruelty-free and sustainable leather products? What demographic is your product hoping to appeal to?

4.. You have been able to create beautiful clothing and accessories from natural kangaroo leather. How do you feel about the development and use of plant based vegan leathers as an alternative? Do you think there is a genuine need for vegan leather clothing/accessories and if so, why? How do vegan leathers differ in handling?

5.. How does Karmine leather respond to the issue of animal cruelty and sustainability in relation to the production of leather?

It is truly inspiring to see other Australians creating a sustainable and ethical company using kangaroos as a source of leather. I really appreciate your help in my project.

Kind Regards,
Emma Yap

Lots of brown.

I ordered the mixed colour pack but when it arrived it was mostly brown. A dirt brown, a poop brown.
Couple of small purple pieces but not enough to do a whole lot with.
I guess brown is a colour, technically, but it’s not what I was expecting going off the description and the photos.
The scrap sizes were all pretty useless too. Lots of very thin long bits. Not what I would uselessly keep as scarp pieces, more like the boys that would go in the bin.

Bright colours

Beautiful vibrant colours and great product


Leather cutting to shape leaves 🍁season colours for my weeping tree for the Hallway wall Which my Brother is drawing
Weeping Birch as a Family Tree
Also the Leather holding sheer Curtain wooden Rod as a Natural diversity the way the planet should be

Leather offcuts

The colours are sensational. Some large pieces too! I'm very happy and will buy again. Thank you.

Black - Kangaroo Leather (Seconds)
warren smith

What i expected

Beautiful leather!

Hot pink, textured and with a beautiful shine. Leather feels classy and I look forward to ordering again.

Very Happy

Leather pieces were a good size, good quality and plenty of them.
Will order again

Beautiful leather

I am very pleased with the leather I received from Karmine, it is just what I was after. A good size and all of it usable. I will be back for more leather for my next project, highly recommend.

Very happy with delivery and product. Thank you :)

Classy apron, so buttery soft!

Such a high quality and luxurious leather apron purchased to go with our kitchen renovation. So good that we've ordered another two to give as wedding gifts!

Rust - Leather off-cuts
George Klimovitch
Rust-leather off-cuts.

Just what I needed for the few odd jobs I had, thanks!

Perfect. Thanks.

Good value

Sizes much larger than I expected and all useable. Color darker than expected.